One of the things I love most about the creative community is how we support one another in times of need. My dear friend Stephanie Smokovich is right in the middle of one of those seasons today. A couple weeks ago Stephanie was told she had a brain tumor and would need to undergo surgery shortly thereafter. Stephanie shocked all of us when she bravely shared her journey going into surgery and the bits and pieces since. She has a long road ahead of her, and with so many questions yet to be answered we wanted to ease some of the financial burdens on her family at this time. Thank you so much for supporting this cause; 100% of the proceeds from this digital/printable collab kit will be going directly to Stephanie’s family for any needs they may have at this time or going forward. Thank you for standing up and saying YES to helping a sister in need, it means more than you know!
“Dear Friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”  -1 John 4:11 

From Stephanie’s Go Fund Me page: 

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Told in Stephanie’s own words… 
“The most epic weekend ever started on Friday with our family gathering together around my Nano (Grandpa) as he was labeled fragile and lay in a hospital bed in the corner of his bedroom as we gave him medication to keep him comfortable. Nicky, my aunt and I decided that we would not leave and wanted to be by his side and also bring comfort to my Nana, so we stayed the night. Nicky and I laid together in bed and Nana slept in the spare bedroom in hopes for her to get some rest. Nicky and I laid and talked for a while when finally she turned over to sleep. I said, “I’m going to spoon you” and rolled next to her. The next thing I knew I was entering the hospital on a stretcher, blood all over me. I had a seizure, violently shaking, something I have not had before. After a couple of scans, the typical CT and MRI, a mass was revealed. A mass that was confirmed as a brain tumor, large, the size of a baseball. It’s sitting just behind my left eye and could have been growing there my whole life; we truly do not know because we only have these images of my brain and no others. Surgery is required as the Dr wants and needs to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Right now that is scheduled for Wednesday. The Dr. isn’t sure he will get it all, but he says that’s ok…we need to make room in there and carve it out before my vision starts being affected. We don’t know how intertwined it is until they open up my head. So, there you have it, I have a brain tumor. I’m trying to stay positive because honestly besides the seizure I feel completely normal. Steve has been by my side, and my family is all a mess, especially my mom. Please pray for everyone including the surgeons and the medical team, for my family and me. Also, this morning my Nano has officially passed peacefully in his home. I know he just couldn’t bear this news of mine, it was hard enough to tell Nana. The risks of surgery include slurred speech and right extremity paralysis. Until Wednesday I’m the Stephanie you’ve always known.”

  • Stephanie is now home from surgery and recovering one day at a time at home.

We thought it would be amazing to have a printable kit to not only document our prayers for Stephanie but to tell your own personal story of bravery!

Limited Edition Kit Includes 25 PDF files for digital download:

  • (7) pages of cut-apart ephemera
  • (5) pages of journal cards & flashcards
  • (1) traceable
  • (9) 8.5 x 11″ patterned papers
  • (2) 8.5 x 11″ art prints
  • (1) template

This digital collab would not be made possible without our amazing contributors. A HUGE thank you to: Beloved Society | Brianna Showalter | Shawna Clingerman | Tamara Arcilla | Brave Little Taylor | Salted Brew | Elaine Davis | Jessica Robyn | Mandy Ford | Katy Fults | Heather Moore | Paige Taylor EvansDoodlebug Designs | Jillibean Soup | Elle’s Studio | Simple Stories | and Pinkfresh Studios 

100% of the proceeds from the She Is Brave printable kit will be donated directly to Stephanie and her family. Thank you so much for continuing to rally around this sweet family through monetary blessings and prayers.  This limited edition kit will only be available through the end of March.

A million thank you’s to all the support you have given Stephanie through this time, I am constantly amazed by this community!!! You can purchase your benefit bundle here! 

xox Shanna Noel

  1. Sheryl Musslewhite 5 years ago

    Thank you for compiling all these together in a kit for us to purchase and help make contributions to Stephanie and her family! What an amazing and beautiful thing to do to help someone out! Prayers are continued for Stephanie and her family and medical team! God’s abundant healing blessings!

  2. suraasuman 3 years ago

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