Hey friends, Gina L. here.  Today I’m hoping to encourage some of you to break out the paints and just have fun with it while worshiping the Lord!  I have always loved painting and find that there is something real and raw about diving into your art while worshiping the Lord.  In the morning I have quiet time after I have taken the kids to school, and I like to dive into my devotionals and break out the paints.


You might be hesitant to get started at first.  Let go of any fear that you might have getting started.  There is no right way when it comes to art.  Just pick up your paint brush and let your heart flow!

To start my pages I started painting paint marks on a scratch piece of paper, that I already pre-measured to fit within my Gratitude Documented journal. I chose green and aqua paints to start and just made small brush marks across both pages.


Next I added in magenta pink and gold oxide colors across my pages.

After I had painted in each color, I went back to my pages and made more swipes to try to fill up most of the empty space.


Next, I adhered my scratch piece of paper into my gratitude journal and added a few more swipes of paint around the “gratitude” and “grace” prompts.


After my background was complete, I started building my page.  I stamped the “Wow God” stamp onto a scratch piece of cardstock and then adhered it to my “grace” page using washi tape.  I chose the “Wow God” stamp because when I think of God’s love and for me, it is amazing.  When I think of grace I think of the song by Chris Tomlin “Your Grace Is Enough”, I journaled some versus from the song on the backside of my “Wow God” card.

Before adhering it into my journal.


On my Gratitude page I added some big stickers and hand painted flowers and wordfetti stickers to finish off the page.  I love that Natalie encouraged you all to “just be yourself” in her recent process video, and I would like to do the same.  I hope you join me in finding your own unique way to praise the Lord through your art!



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  1. Amy Bruce 6 years ago

    Love your post!

  2. Maria Dahlia 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Love all the different bright colors

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