Hey y’all! I am so excited to be here sharing my Gratitude Documented entry for today. Hasn’t this journey of documenting our thankfulness been awesome?! I must admit, I was very intimidated at first, wondering how I would ever be able to put all my thoughts and feelings and gratefulness into pretty pictures and words. Guess what I learned? I won’t. No matter how pretty my pictures and words they will never do justice to what God has done. Instead, I’ve determined to enjoy the process and His work in me rather than the outcome.What He is doing in me is always more beautiful than what I pour out.

Speaking of beauty, when I first saw this page I immediately thought of the beauty I find all around me in nature. I have often said I could take a picture of the rock hills outside my window every morning and have a different picture all year long. God’s beauty is always present. always new. always inspiring. The thing is, He doesn’t just make himself present by sight. I can hear Him in the rustling of the leaves and the birds chatter. I taste Him in fresh veggies and smell Him in tilled dirt. He doesn’t end there. I can even feel Him in the warm sunshine on my face, like a comforting embrace. I can feel Him in the gentle breeze, like a kiss saying, “I am here.” My prayer for you all today is that you find Him. Look. Listen. Taste. Smell. Feel. His presence is all around. Thanks be to God!


Note on canvas flowers: I wanted to create something I could use throughout Gratitude Documented to give a bit of a cohesive feel to my journal. For these flowers you could use any paper, I chose canvas because I had it on hand and I like the added texture. I loosely sketched many flowers and leaves of different sizes and painted them in with watered down craft acrylics. I didn’t get worked up about staying in the lines, instead staying loose and organic. Then I made a rough cut around them and now I keep them with my supplies to use throughout.


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  1. Amy Bruce 6 years ago

    Love your words and those flowers!

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