hybrid Bible journaling entry using digital printables by Cristin Howell | Harvest With Joy

Hi friends! It’s apple picking time here in Southern Oregon. I love going to pick apples, but I’ve learned my lesson after a few years of over-picking. You see, once I get to the orchard, realistically it only takes about 5 minutes to pick all the apples I need. I used to bring extra containers to fill with apples…just in case. Just in case I might need a truckload of apples instead of a bucket of apples. And I used to bring extra helpers because picking is more fun with friends, and think about all those pictures for Facebook! But, remember, picking apples is super fun and everyone is so helpful, and did I mention all those extra containers? I’d would then have 19,744,957 pounds of apples in just 15 minutes.

hybrid Bible journaling entry using digital printables by Cristin Howell | Harvest With Joy

So, I’m happy to tell you I have my apple over-picking under control now. Plus, there’s only maybe one late night of ladling apple sauce into jars, instead of days. There’s a specific time for everything involved in the harvest. First, the farmer has to plant, then there’s a growing season, and at just the right time, we harvest. If we wait too long, the apples will be mushy. Too soon, they are sour. And the trees have to be planted and cared for at a certain time. I read this scripture yesterday about sowing and harvesting:

Those who plant in tears
will harvest with shouts of joy.
They weep as they go to plant their seed,
but they sing as they return with the harvest.
Psalm 126:5-6 NLT

The part that stuck me the most was the “plant in tears” and “weep as they go to plant their seed.” I’m sad for the farmers that are crying as they plant. What must have happened in their lives? I can completely identify, though, can you? Bad stuff happens, discouraging things come up, but we still have our everyday life things to take care of. Just like the farmer has to plant the seeds because it has to be done, we have routine everyday stuff that we do even if in tears.

Psalm 32:8 reads, “The Lord says, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” I love that Jesus loves us so much and has a plan for us. So, let’s take those seeds of discouragement and plant them in God’s faithfulness. Keep on going because He says we will harvest with shouts of joy.

hybrid Bible journaling entry using digital printables by Cristin Howell | Harvest With Joy

On the page I created for this entry, I used a clear adhesive pocket that can hold a tag or a card. I stuck the pocket over the Psalm words, but because it is clear, it is barely visible. I tied a couple tags together and wrote a prayer and some prayer requests and dated it. I did this as a way to give to God things that I have on my mind. Then I can go back later and see what God did and rejoice in the harvest.

hybrid Bible journaling entry using digital printables by Cristin Howell | Harvest With Joy

So friends, if you’re discouraged, take hope and plant those seeds in God’s ever loving faithfulness. Don’t plant them in doubt, but in Him. Plant and grow. If you are currently harvesting in joy, hallelujah! Tell someone so you can bring hope to them and you can rejoice together!

Thank you for joining me here today! <3, Cristin

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