Friends, I am having the best time with my “Wow God” devotional!  This little slice of quiet time, everyday, reflecting on my blessings, is exactly what I need in my life right now.


I have loved the prompts, and I love that they are all there picked for me.  I think that I have taken a lot of these things for granted.  A lot of these prompts are things that I do daily yet never pause to think how blessed I am to be able to do them!!  Let’s take worship for example:


I worship all of the time.  I am that crazy lady rocking out in her car, shower, classroom, everywhere. It’s a part of my life that has become so ingrained in me that I don’t take the time to be grateful for it.  There are people in this world, who can’t even whisper “Jesus” without fearing for life and here I am worshiping the Lord multiple times a day.

Other prompts are so close to my heart and so deep and personal that I have found my thanksgiving hard to put into words.  I love the challenge of it.


All in all, this project has been so refreshing, and eye opening, and challenging in the very best way possible.  I can’t wait to share more of this journal with you all.  It has become my most favorite part of the day!



  1. Amy Bruce 7 years ago

    L O V E this post!

  2. jeanne 7 years ago

    Love your words and your work! Are there bible verses that go with each subject, or do we find our own?

  3. MamaCake 7 years ago


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