I am always looking for fun new ways to add text to my Bible pages.  I tend to find a verse I am really connecting with and then illustrate that verse in the margin.  Sometimes I use alpha stickers, and sometimes I free-hand it, other times I use stamps for the words.

Today I am going to show you a fun new way to add text to your margins using one of my  favorite things…washi tape!
Supplies you will need:
*  washi tape (you will want light colors and not a lot of patterns)
*  computer and printer
The first thing I did was hop on my computer and type up the verse that I wanted to add to my page.  I chose a Psalm of Ascent (Psalm 121) and used the first verse.  I kept the lines of each row short enough to fit into my margins and I also tried using different fonts for each line (just to mix it up a bit).
Next, you choose your washi tape and lay it right on top of your text.  Again, i am using a few different ones to see which I like the best for my final page.
Now pull up the wash tape and be amazed :)  You just created your very own text covered wash tape!  Add to your journal page and embellish.
photo4 photo5
I hope you all enjoyed this super quick and cute tutorial.  I would love to see your pages if you decide to try it out!! Make sure to tag me @ashinemachine so that I can see!
  1. Lindy 9 years ago

    Amazing and awesome to know!! Thank you !!!

  2. Marylou 9 years ago

    Do you use an inkjet or a laser printer?

    • Author
      janel 9 years ago

      I’m seriously not even sure! I think it’s an ink jet though?

  3. Paige 9 years ago

    Seriously, one of the most brilliant little ideas I have seen in a long time! Love it. :)

  4. Christine VDB 9 years ago

    Very cool love it – might have to try it

  5. Ashley 9 years ago

    HI anyone know where that beautiful yellow bow washi is from?

  6. Alice 9 years ago

    This is awesome!! TFS!

  7. Nancy 9 years ago

    This worked so well!! Love this idea. I used the same verse in Psalms that you used, and will use it with other verses. Another way to illustrate my favorite verses! Thanks!

  8. Bailey 8 years ago

    Where did you buy your bible?

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