hybrid mixed media Bible art journaling by Leah of Salted Brew

Hello, friends! Leah here from Salted Brew, ready to talk about mess! Aka: LIFE. Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows that the last few years have been far from what I planned. Far from clean. In fact, my name might be spelled M-E-S-S, not L- E-A-H haha.

I’ve spent the last two years finding God’s hand in my mess then letting Him rescue me. He is transforming my life piece by piece. He shapes my habits and desires, whittles out people who aren’t good for me now, and showers me with grace and patience along the way. It’s pretty crazy to think about what all has changed in just two short years.

hybrid mixed media Bible art journaling by Leah of Salted Brew

In July though, I had my first break down in months. I felt very clear attempts of spiritual attack for a few weeks and used the tools I’d gathered to shake or fight them off. Then one of my buttons was pushed again. Hard. And I broke down. Spiritual warfare is real and it is fierce, friends. Even knowing that, I beat myself up. Why did I crack? Did people think less of me? Did I “lose points” in anyone’s eyes? I told myself I didn’t heal as much as I’d thought and still have so much work and cleanup to do. It made me feel exhausted and gross.

Then between conversations with some girl friends, reading, and working through an IF devo (ahem, the I am Strong kit is really good by the way), the phrase “He didn’t wait,” just came to mind.

“While we were still [messy], Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Jesus didn’t wait.

hybrid mixed media Bible art journaling by Leah of Salted Brew

He didn’t wait for me to clean up my act or straighten out my circumstances or relationships before rescuing me. During the worst, I cried out to Him and without missing a beat, He answered. He met me. My fight, my turnaround, my everything has not been the same.

There are so many movies, songs, books, and fairy tales about knights in shining armor, princes or heroes coming to the rescue. Those stories usually end with a cutesy “happily every after.” We soak in those stories and wish something like that would happen to us. How exciting, right? Friends, Jesus pulled off the greatest rescue mission ever – bigger, messier, and wilder than any story we can find or dream up. And He did it to save you and me. I even imagined Him busting through a brick wall like it was paper to get to me. He loves us so much that no obstacle, circumstance or mess could keep Him from reaching us. Hellooooo, that’s SO much better than any fairy tale, right??

hybrid mixed media Bible art journaling by Leah of Salted Brew

I finally feel the freedom to turn my sight from my messy past. It’s time to look ahead and stop feeling stalled in my present. He DID rescue me and I am SO much better for it.

Girly, your mess is not an obstacle from Him – it is simply your need for Him. Let Him bust through the walls and slay the dragons to get to you. I promise you it’s SO much better than “happily ever after.”



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  1. Linda B Stewart 5 years ago

    Leah, when I saw this theme in the Print and Pray shopI could not snatch it up soon enough. It is as if you’d designed it personally for me. It is such a logical transition from Wilna’s life affirming I Am Strong to your I Am a Mess – please help. Thanks for your inspiration and your beautiful art and prompts to get this gal thinking!

    • Leah Schumacher 5 years ago

      I’m so happy to hear that! <3 Elaine does such a good job giving us prompts and we love running with it in different directions. Thanks for commenting!!

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