video walk through of Natalie Elphinstone's Bible

From my very first entry in my journaling Bible, to my very latest one I’ll share with you my pages (including the ones that ‘didn’t work’), my favourite products and some technique tips along the way too. Here is a walk-through video of what my journaling Bible currently looks like and what I’ve learned along the way. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


  1. Connie 6 years ago

    Do use a hand held sewing machine/stitcher when sewing paper to your Bible?

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 6 years ago

      Nope! I just use my regular ol’ sewing machine ;-)
      I put it on a long stitch (if the holes are too close together then it acts like a perforation and can rip easily) with not too much tension and just go slowly. I haven’t had a problem yet, but I’ve been using my sewing machine on my paper projects for years now so I guess I’ve had a bit of practice ;-) In fact, my sewing machine has rarely seen fabric!

  2. susan elizabeth 6 years ago

    Thank you sooo much for sharing! I love what you have done, and seeing how you have interacted with the Word of God has lifted my soul and lightened my heart :D x

  3. Jean McNulty 6 years ago

    Where do you go to sign up for the newsletter with journaling cards?

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 6 years ago

      If you’re here on this page (or reading any of the other blog entries) you’ll see on the right hand side task bar where it says “sign up for our newsletter and receive our free tools checklist” and there’s space to enter your email address below that.
      If you’re on the home page there’s a place to enter your email right underneath the Illustrated Faith heading.
      It’s sooo worth it!!

  4. Laura 6 years ago

    I have that exact same bible! I am keeping it aside as I have another one that I’m “practicing” in. I want to learn from my mistakes, what bleeds through, etc. Thank you so much for sharing all those beautiful scriptures that you have done.

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 6 years ago

      As you can see…. I didn’t bother practicing. I just went straight into my bible, made my mistakes and learnt along the way! I remind myself constantly that it’s not about the end result but more to do with the act of meditating on the word and expressing my worship in this way. That helps the perfectionist in me stop freaking out ;-)

    • Britney 6 years ago

      Hi there Laura! I’m so curious to know what kind of Bible this is! Do you remember the name of it?

  5. janel 6 years ago

    Natalie your Bible is soon lovely! Your pages are always my favorites. Also, I could listen to you talk all day!!! xo

  6. Abby Thompson 6 years ago

    I love this! Is their any way to get the free printables that were sent in newsletters before I joined the newsletter list?

    • Illustrated Faith 6 years ago

      Hi there Abby, not at this time but we release new ones almost every week so we will make sure to get some good ones in there for you!!!

  7. Britney 6 years ago

    I’m hunting for a single column Bible, what is this one called? It’s lovely – especially with all your illustrations ;) Thanks for the video!

  8. Keri 6 years ago

    Can you give a suggestion for a particular bible journal?

  9. Becca Eis 6 years ago

    Hello! I was wondering what you think of the ruled lines? I was looking at getting this Bible for my first journaling Bible, but I was frustrated to find that it came with ruled lines. Do you find that this interferes with your art? Thank you for your time :)

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