hybrid paper crafting praises bookmark by Elaine Davis

Have you guys seen the Donuts & Praise Hands digital set by Jaime Favor!? It just makes me plain happy. Jaime created this product to remind us that there’s no better day to show our praise to God than TODAY! If you’re needing a little pick-me-up, seriously print out these pieces & follow their advice. The little watercolor hearts in the set are like little prompts:

  • “Today I will Dance!”
  • “Today I will Sing!”
  • “Today I will Shout!”
  • “Today I will Lift Praise Hands!”

hybrid paper crafting praises bookmark by Elaine Davis

I took that as a challenge! Those are all fantastic ways to show our Praise to the Savior for all that He has given us! Those little hearts got me thinking… what other ways can I show my praise to Him in my everyday life? So I made a list. #obviously

  1. Smile & laugh.
  2. Dance & sing.
  3. Create beautiful art.
  4. Read my Bible.
  5. Share scriptures of joy on social media.
  6. Journal about my abundant blessings.
  7. Encourage others.
  8. Be content with less.
  9. Post positive passages around my house.
  10. Greet each day with great joy.
  11. Focus on the good.
  12. Pray continuously.
  13. Thank Him even when times are bad.
  14. Shout to Him for joy!
  15. Use my spiritual gifts.

hybrid paper crafting praises bookmark by Elaine Davis

The list goes on. It was a stupendous thinking opportunity for me to really focus on how I can praise Him even when I’m at home doing laundry or grocery shopping. So what do we do when something impacts us & we want to be reminded of it every day? We put it on paper with pretty stickers, right!? So I created a bookmark for my Illustrated Faith Praise Book!

To create this cutie, I just trimmed down a page right from the Praise Book. It comes packed with all sorts of beautiful inspiring papers that you can pull out & trim down. Seriously– do it. There are no rules saying you can cut them up! Plus the holes are already punched, so win-win. I put the hearts from Jaime’s set on the front to remind me of the wonderful call to action, then added some enamel hearts & a sticker border to embellish it.

hybrid paper crafting praises bookmark by Elaine Davis

On the back of the bookmark, I backed some paper on the back of a big sticker from the Illustrated Faith “Go & Tell” sticker sheet & then used it as a tab for the top of my bookmark. Then I literally wrote out my list with the help of some Bella Blvd tiny alphas for the title.

hybrid paper crafting praises bookmark by Elaine Davis

You could create a bookmark like this for a regular book with no holes, to put in a planner, laminate it & hang it on your mirror, stick it in the pocket of your journal, or put it as a tip-in in your Bible. Anywhere you place it, it’s going to be a perfect reminder of little things we can do to show Him how eternally grateful we are for all that He has created & blessed us with! Praise is contagious! You’ll be getting your friends on the singing & dancing for Jesus bandwagon too! In fact, while you’re at it, make a bookmark for your friend too. ;)

<3 Elaine

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