mixed media bible art journaling process video by Heather Greenwood | Illustrated Faith Goals with Grace devotional | Act 2:42

Do you ever have times when you just don’t know what to do? Can I encourage you to just sit and see where things go without even thinking about it? I have to admit, this was me over the weekend. I wanted to do some Bible journaling but I was just stuck. I grabbed the Illustrated Faith Goals with Grace devotional. I’ve finished all the devotionals, I just haven’t done much illustrating of them and I really really wanted to get them in my Bible not just my devotional booklet. I literally just took my pink big brush marker and highlighted all the passages but that’s as far as I got. I was drawing a blank on what I wanted to do in the margins though.

So, I said a quick prayer, grabbed my paints and matching markers. I also grabbed a few paper pieces and stickers from the You Are Loved Collection and just started playing. There is something so liberating when you just don’t think about it and enjoy the process. I started out with just spreading some paint around. Then I grabbed my favorite element stamps. At first I was going to just use black ink like I usually do but instead decided to play with color and used my markers. Then I wanted more color so I added washi tape around the background. My favorite technique is to then add white over the top of it all. I felt like it needed some yellow so I used my yellow marker over the white parts and smoothed it out with my finger. Now my background is done. Next, I had a left over piece of a tip-in… I love hidden journaling so I decided to write on the back of it a note about friendship and the need to cultivate my friendships and spend time in fellowship with them. Then I just started adding paper pieces and stickers all over the margin until I felt it was complete… if you look closely you can see that I even still moved some things around and added more after I stopped the video.

It felt so good to just play without having a plan in mind. I think often times (at least for me) we forget to just sit and worship and let God lead us rather than having these grand plans and visions of what we want to do which end up not turning out exactly the way we planned.

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  1. Amanda Huizenga 5 years ago

    So fun to watch! Makes it look SO easy! Your page turned out beautifully Heather!

  2. Gayle Bond 5 years ago

    Love the page! Great verse to ponder and illustrate. Your video looks like my process often times. It’s nice to just sit and create and have time with the Creator. Thanks for posting!!

  3. Te Lee 5 years ago

    This page is beautiful! The video is a great inspiration, i love the way you put your background together. I love the idea of letting God lead us and not having a grand plan. I’m going to remember that next time I journal in my bible. Thank you for sharing.

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