Illustrated Faith mixed media art journaling Bible - Nothing but the Blood hymn - White as Snow by Gina Mazane

Every Sunday I find myself reminding my five and six year old, “Stand when we stand, sing when we sing, and pray when we pray.” As we stood to sing I pulled my oldest from her seat and began pointing out the lyrics to her so she could follow along. Singing “Nothing But the Blood” meant for quite a repetitive song and soon she began reading and singing along. When it was time to be seated she declared rather loudly that it was her new favorite song. My heart smiled.

Illustrated Faith mixed media art journaling Bible - Nothing but the Blood hymn - White as Snow by Gina Mazane

Two days later we were sitting around the table observing the after effects of winter storm Kayla. I asked the kids, “What do you think of the snow?” They only replied, “good,” happy to not have school for the day. So I tried another angle, “What does the snow remind you of?” Oh! “Brown is sin and snow is clean!” my daughter exclaimed, “Snow is no sin!” I wondered aloud, “hmmm, how does Jesus make us white like snow? Does he use rags and a broom to clean us up??” They giggled. NO. “His magic!” my five year old boy said undoubtedly. Shaking his head yes he adds “He just does it.” “Yes, when we ask Him, he just does it, He cleans us up and forgives our sins,” I said. My daughter said, “His blood is the snow that cleans us, hey! Nothing but the blood of Jesus…” and loud singing ensued.

Oh friends. What sweet moments littles can give. I just knew one way or another I needed to document as best as I could how their minds pieced this altogether. I wanted to capture even the tiniest bit of their child like faith that proclaims, He is magic. He just does it. So my daughter and I worked together to make this page. It is a sweet, sweet record of her learning. I laid down a pinkish red base because of the words scarlet and crimson in Isaiah 1:18. After reading and talking about the verses some more we decided more messy “red” sin was appropriate. My daughter happily wielded red crayons, pencils and paints. Then she wanted to add hearts because “Jesus always loves you, even when you sin.” So we stamped white hearts and crosses and added our final words. White as Snow. A lot of us have or have had snow recently. I pray you wonder at those clean white blankets and remember what He has done!

Illustrated Faith mixed media art journaling Bible - Nothing but the Blood hymn - White as Snow by Gina Mazane



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  1. Tawni Sattler 8 years ago

    I just LOVE this, Gina!! Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. Tonya Hamilton 8 years ago

    Soooo good!!! Thank you spfor sharing!

  3. Nicky Fowler 8 years ago

    I love documenting moments like this. I don’t have littles yet, but it warms my heart when I come across a moment like this that I’ve saved because of someone in my family. What a treasure for you.

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