process video by Andrea Gray | Just Be Yourself | Rainbow | Praise Book

Hi & Hello! Happy Monday! Today I am back with a page for my Praise Book.     

I have pre selected alphas, die cuts and stickers within my color scheme – which is ALL THE COLORS so that’s fun! My idea here is to use descriptive words from a quote and put them in all different colors for a rainbow effect!

process video by Andrea Gray | Just Be Yourself | Rainbow | Praise Book

Using this quote from Pinterest as an inspiration point, I discovered that Romans 12:6-7 was a verse that represented it well. The words resonate with me because I always thought I couldn’t be these things – like it was bad to be quirky. Not sure where I got that idea but I think in some way or another we have all struggled to fit in.

process video by Andrea Gray | Just Be Yourself | Rainbow | Praise Book

For me, that time was my teen years. I fit everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Had I had the concept or courage to just be myself instead of trying to squeeze into a personality or lifestyle that wasn’t mine, I may have enjoyed those years more.

process video by Andrea Gray | Just Be Yourself | Rainbow | Praise Book

I did my best but didn’t truly start knowing who I really was until I became a wife and mother. That totally gave me a home base. Allowed me to feel confident in those roles in order to really learn about myself as a person and finally found that I was ALL of these things – and that it was ok to be. That added confidence has absolutely lead me to today. Today I don’t hide my flaws – I acknowledge that I can’t seem to turn off lights in the house and that I often change my mind after spitting out an answer. Today I don’t run from my quirkiness – I fully embrace the little bits & pieces that make me unique. Because God made me that way and it’s honestly too much dang work to be like others. 

process video by Andrea Gray | Just Be Yourself | Rainbow | Praise Book

Ugh, there’s so much pressure though. So much to live up to. Lots of comparison. But I made a rule for myself long ago. When I began having those thoughts like “I sure wish I had a _________ like her…” I would stop myself and say “Okay, then you have to take everything else she has – her flaws and her experiences – everything.” And when I start to imagine not having any part of the life I have, my mind and heart get right really quick.

process video by Andrea Gray | Just Be Yourself | Rainbow | Praise Book

God made us each with a passion and a purpose and I have no intention of throwing that away so I’m running on imperfect and magical! How about you? What words describe how cool you are?

If you’d like to see the process video for how this all came together – check out the video here.

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  2. Elizabeth Chu 6 years ago

    WOW, This….where do I begin? It was perfect in every way Andrea and I simply LOVED IT!!! I can’t wait to create something similar. I’m teaching HS girls this fall semester and I would love them to create something like thin in the beginning of their Bible to remember who they are. Thank you so much for sharing this video. <3

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