Hiya friends!! The latest bible journaling monthly kit, doodles to live by is here and it is FANTASTIC!!! Our sweet Elaine Davis shares her heart and art through this inspiring kit! You can pick it up today (before midnight) and save 25% by using code FAITH25!

Let’s check it out with a little unboxing!

Isn’t it just swoon worthy? I love! Let me share a little clip from day one:

” I’ve kept journals since I was old enough to hold a pen. There are boxes of them full of writing & doodles stacked at my parent’ house. When people learn this about me, they often say they don’t feel they can keep a journal because they don’t have anything important to say.

Truth: Each of us has stories to tell. Stories have been stringing themselves together inside us like beads on a thread. Not every story is something earth -shattering but they are all earth-shaking. Moments & blinks have pieced together to form stories that then form out testimony. Our responsibility is to get them out & on to paper – because God may have someone out there just waiting & needing to read those words!”

Check out this beautiful entry from Elaine using this month’s kit!


I hope you will join us for this unique, WONDERFUL kit and if you happen to catch this before midnight tonight make sure you use code FAITH25 to save 25% off!!!

xox Shanna Noel


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