Hi there sweet friends. I have just returned from a workshop in Texas and I am now on my “workshop high” as I like to say. I never thought I would feel this way, as an introvert getting energy from a workshop seemed unlikely but what is so amazing is seeing how God uses these workshops in ways that we could never imagine!! I call Him the “perfect party planner” gathering all the right guests, sitting everyone next to “just the right” person. I am left in awe. Really I just show up and get to enjoy all the work He has done in cultivating these events!!!

In New Orleans we will be having several classes – 

An Intro Class – Now ANYONE can take this class, it isn’t for people just starting off. It’s a great place to get connected, hear the heart behind Illustrated Faith and pick up some new tips on documenting what God is doing in your life RIGHT there in your bible! We have the intro class both days and I highly recommend it if you are only considering one class, but if you are up for more there are a couple add-ons I wanted to point you to! (P.S. Let’s just hang out all day!!! )

Art Song – In this class we will be talking about God uses worship songs, and how we can illustrate our faith through those, we will also be talking about different places to document your faith such as in an old hymn book! Everyone will get a vintage hymnal in this class – it’s always fun to see how these turn out!!!

Prayer Journal – workshop on Saturday that is LOTS of fun, and can I just spill the beans and let you know if you like the faithDORIS you are going to LOVE this class!!! We will be creating our own!!

Open CropFriday Night we will also have a crop! After class come join us as we illustrate our faith!! It’s so much fun to have a little space and time to create in the word!

I am so looking forward to meet you and can’t wait to see what God brings together! If are unable to attend this class and are looking for other classes in your area please make sure to check out the website, and keep an eye out for2016 classes!! 

Thank you so much, I hope you have the MOST wonderful day!
xox Shanna

  1. Beth W 6 years ago

    Can’t wait for this! Taking the Friday morning intro class with a sweet friend. Wish I could do the whole weekend, but we head out of town Saturday to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. Elizabeth 6 years ago

    So excited to be spending the weekend with you fabulous ladies!!! Is there anything specific that we need to bring with us?

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