On my kitchen windowsill, I always have a little frame that holds a rotating collection of artwork, based on a verse or an idea that I’d like to ponder for awhile. I often camp on one verse or section or concept of Scripture for quite awhile, meditating, illustrating, thinking, letting it teach me.  Lately I have been asking the Lord for balance…not the elusive balance of time, but a more balanced heart, an outlook that is unruffled, a heart that overflows with grace, for myself, for others, for situations.

Hymns have always inspired me. The old words, penned in a different era, are still somehow so poignant to my life today. I bought this old book of hymns from 1940 off Amazon for $3 awhile back. I love to imagine who turned these pages, causing them to become soft and worn. And I have no qualms about tearing out the pages (which I’ve not yet done from my Bible…).  I thumbed to #190 “Come, Thou Fount” because within it are found the words: “Tune my heart to sing Thy grace.”

hybrid faith watercolor home decor by Brianna Showalter

For about half the year, I am able to sit on my front porch to read and draw in the mornings. We live in a quiet area, so all I hear is birdsong and the occasional boat horn. Birds amaze me. They are so effortless in their pursuit of their calling. They don’t compare, don’t compete and don’t hide in fear. They share their songs and lovely colors so freely. Out of their overflow of grace, we experience freedom. Their hearts are well-tuned, are they not?

I started with an 8” x 10” piece of watercolor paper and covered it with pretty colors. Then mounted the hymn pages to it with washi tape.

hybrid faith watercolor home decor by Brianna Showalter

I added some lovely ribbons and pom-poms (because, well, pom-poms!), then, using watercolors, I painted the words I wanted to stand out over the pages.

hybrid faith watercolor home decor by Brianna Showalter

To finish it up, I used a little clothespin and tape to secure some of the little illustration bits from my latest offering with the Print & Pray Shop at Illustrated Faith: Gifts of Love. I let it dry fully, then popped it in the frame. It’s so happy and colorful. It sure brightens up my little kitchen window and keeps my mind in the right place when I’m cooking and doing dishes!

hybrid faith watercolor home decor by Brianna Showalter


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  1. Lesa May Brassette 8 years ago

    I love that line from that old hymn as well!

  2. JohnRachelle Muncey Rodriguez 8 years ago


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